Now it is possible to change the human head

Now it is possible to change the human head 

After liver, kidney and face transplant, the head transplant can now be possible. The American scientists have mediated that any technical barriers to transplanting a person's head, the other person's body, have been crossed.


According to Sergio Canavari, the top neurosurgery doctor of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, the technique of transplantation of rhes has been tested several times in animals. In 1970, American neurosurgery doctor Robert White transmitted the head of a monkey to another monkey trunk. This monkey was able to open his eyes, taste food and smell the scent. But since the White had failed to connect the vertebra to the spinal cord, so that after a few hours of operation, he died. In 2001, the head of two other monkeys was transplanted, but this time the operation failed.

 However, now surgeons claim that they have removed the technical barrier related to the implant of the head. Through recent studies in the direction of development of nerve cells, he has managed to find the technique of linking the spinal cord. This will make head transplant possible in humans. According to the surgeons, the transplantation of head between two people will be done in exactly the same way as was done in monkeys.


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