This diet plan will lose the weight in 5 days, the stomach will be inside!

This diet plan 

First Day

On the first day you can eat whatever you want to eat, except bananas, although if you consume the fruits of melon family, it will be very beneficial to reduce your weight. It contains fruits like melon, watermelon, cucumber etc. These fruits not only keep the amount of water in your body but also reduce your belly fat. Please note that do not miss the one you are taking.

Secound Day

Take the green vegetables on the second day of diet plan to lose weight. We are fortunate that we have enough vegetables in almost every season. You can eat fresh salad in the morning to give energy to yourself the next day. Later in your lunch and dinner menu, add vegetables like tomato, gourd and bitter gourd. For snacking evening, you can rely on the salad bowl again, in which the tomato and cucumber are included.

Third Day

If you want to reduce the stomach's stomach, then take the necessary dose of carbohydrate. In it, you can consume boiled potatoes. After this delicious start, you can eat anything from diet plans on your first day and second day. Keep in mind that the menu for the third day is considered to be the right mix of food intake for the last two days.

Fourth Day

The fourth day of the diet plan should be full of super energy. On this day you pay attention mainly on the consumption of bananas and milk. Their consumption is very tasty in taste. On this day, you need about 8 bananas and four glasses of milk. To consume balanced meals, you can split it into four eating times and keep two bananas and one glass of milk for each schedule.

                  Fifth Day

On the fifth day to reduce your stomach, you can consume all the delicious and healthy foods of a typical Indian diet menu. Tomatoes, soya soup etc. can also be eaten.